Not very active

As you, dear reader can see, we have not been very active in my blogging activities. There are certainly better and more prolificblogs out here in cyberspace.

It's a little demeaning. Blogging, or it's programming equivalent has been available to us since 1988, when we received our first email address, and subscribed to a few discussion groups. We did a google on our name, and sure enough, the original list is still available on line. Amazing. We have been fairly active online, until family tookhigher priority.

Our original blog was really just a standard web site, which we used our talents in html and cgi to produce the equivalent of a blog. Justthat we didn't call it that then.

We are dismayed that now just anyone can create a blog web site, even dorks with no appreciable programming skills or experience. We wouldprefer that technical issues be left to those with technical skills.


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