What attitude started the male-dominant role?

I know that you have moved on, but I still want to make a point, and maybe you can use it in a future show.
I make the point that the NOBILITY in Europe had a certain life-style and outlook.  This outlook included an aversion from work.  In fact, any member of the Nobility who worked for a living, was ejected from the Nobility class.  (This situation made for much of English comedy; someone was posing as nobility, or a noble lost his financial support.)
That said, commoner men would strive to be like the Nobility class, to suppose a higher "rank". Now even though a commoner had to work to survive, still he could come home and make AS IF he was a Noble when at home. 
I say again, that he would make AS IF he was a Noble when at home. 
That means, of course, that he would not do any housework.  Housework was for commoners. 
You may ask, however, that the wife and extended family womenfolk would still be doing the chores.  Wouldn't that make the women feel like commoners?
The answer is, oddly, no. Just the opposite.  In this Feudal society, the actual status of the family stemmed from the head of the household, the man.  If the man was a Noble, then the whole family was nobility.  So, in a left-handed sort of way, the women achieved a sort of higher class status by accepting all of the chores and the actual lower class status.  As long as the Husband/Father was idle at home, and thus a semi-noble, then the women would also be of this status. 
Of course, in our times (I am talking about the 1970's and onwards) the woman's movement and others have completely missed this point, and blame the male for that situation in those times.  And of course, in our times we have eliminated this nobility class (mostly) and such concepts as "a man and his castle"; now obsolete, and thus the abandoned division of household labor.  But in those ancient times, it was the women who accepted their role, not the men enforcing the role.  We see from recent history (for example, the woman's movement) just how much power men really have to enforce such subservient roles on women, if the women themselves were not volunteering for the role. 


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