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  • BaruchAtta
    Oh, and another thing.  Since SS is a "pay as you go" plan, then SS really does not need the Treasury Bonds in the "SS Trust Fund".  Meaningless trust fund. It doesn't exist.  
    SS should just "forgive" all of the Treasury Bonds in the Trust Fund, and return the money to the government.  
    That should lower the national debt by trillions, and we wouldn't need to talk about any silly "debt ceiling" for a long time.  (maybe?)
    Thank you again.
    Baruch less
  • BaruchAtta
    A simple solution, a solution that saves the backside of any politician that is afraid of the "third rail" is this:
    Link the SS retirement age with the ratio of workers to retirees.  
    Now wasn't that easy?  
    It is automatic, like a cost of living increase.  
    It saves the politicians from ever having to raise the issue again.
    It is automatically funded at the proper rate.
    Workers can plan with SS in mind.

    So, elect me, and I will...
    Thank you. less


Anonymous Cindy said...

Well said. Thanks for sharing your insight with SS. It really makes difference.

1:50 PM, November 27, 2011  

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