Emily Dickinson

A well done analysis of rhyme and meter.  Thank you.
I just recently re-discovered poetry after, say, 40 years since college and English 101.  Actually, I recalled Frost's "the secret sits in the middle and knows" and thought it was Dickinson.  I bought the Complete Dickinson and read all the poems, (mostly) and did not find that poem, but had a good time of reading Emily.  
I read a note about E. Dickinson (probably Wikipedia) which I liked and agree.  "Emily did poetry like most women of the time did embroidery."  That is, without thought of fame, or any other motives other than just something to keep busy.  I feel that reading Emily is like reading her diary - with innermost thoughts, revealing her soul.  It is, you know.  Most of her writing probably was never shown to anyone, until after her death.  Or so I am informed. 
Your last comment - my comment - "...Dickinson's refusal to be bound by form. She alters the rhyme, rhyme scheme and meter...". Well, if so, why the scholarly analysis of rhyme and meter here - Emily is not bound by it so why bother?  Perhaps you can find others who color inside the lines and analyse them, perhaps?


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