Pondering guilt through others

In my police related work, I often see information related to a protective order.  Now I am looking at such a record.  I notice that the subject (person being restricted) is a man that was conceived just about the time that i was changing my life style and becoming religious.  My thoughts wander to what if.  What could I have done to help raise this boy who became a man that beat his wife and thus was put on a protective order? 
I mean, I was an adult, when he was born.  I could have theoretically been around and helped to direct this boy to become a better man than he has.  Sure, when I was that age when he was born, I was a young man, and held no blame regarding men who commit crimes.  But now, that I am already a grandfather, do I hold any blame?  Perhaps a small amount. Perhaps more.  I have lived in my city for 22 years.  There are many 22 year old men who are committing crimes near to where I live. 
This I ponder. 
"Keep it real" they say.  Even the criminals.  Especially the bad boys, the gangstas.  The 22 year old wannabes.  Keep it real.  It means, don't lie to me, bro.  If you think, feel, so tell me, don't put up a "front".  Don't act in a way to fool the world about you.  Keep it real.  Be honest with us.
So, why doesn't Keep It Real and keep it honest, also apply to stealing and murder?  Keep It Real honest, don't steal.  Keep It Real honest, don't murder. 
Pondering this too. 
Young boy, don't shoplift, don't bully the little guy.  Older boy, don't do drugs.  Keep It Real.  Honest.
Maybe they could teach "honesty" in school.  Honesty doen't conflict with "separation between chrch and state:.  Does it?


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