Are We Living Inside a Black Hole

Are We Living Inside a Black Hole?

By Rebecca Boyle Posted 07.23.2010 at 11:53 am 43 Comments


Scientists trying to explain the universe’s accelerating expansion usually point to dark energy, which seems to be pushing everything apart.

But an Indiana University professor has a new theory, reports New Scientist: We’re inside a black hole that exists in another universe. Specifically, a black hole that rebounded, somewhat like a spring.

Some fairly mind-blowing physics is involved here, but the gist is that Nikodem Poplawski of IU-Bloomington used a modified version of Einstein’s general relativity equation set that takes particle spin into account.

Baruch Atta's comments

We know that black holes lose mass/energy due to Hawkins Radiation.
Would there be a way to use this to signal any intellegent life that is outside our blackhole slash universe?
Are there any intelegences inside of existing black holes that are signaling us in this manner?


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