What did the Arabs really win in the 1973 War with Israel?

What did the Arabs really win in the 1973 War with Israel? 
The author, Firas Al-Atraqchi, is not really clear with the answer.  There are a few hints though"
"...In less than a decade, any semblance of Arab unity had crumbled...."
"...El-Shazly later wrote: "This brilliant military victory was turned into a political defeat..."
And the author seems to infer that the defeat of the Arab armies "...helps us understand why Islamic militancy has become a potent force..."
So say it directly; say it clearly. The Arab ruling classes lost unity, were humiliated, and lost power.  The radical Islamic militant class gained power. 
This is a left hand - right hand move.  The Arabs as a whole neither lost nor gained.  But some power and influence was transfered from Arab to Arab. 
The Arab class structure was ruptured and moved. 
In my humble opinion, the war was not about Israel at all.  It was only about Arab to Arab relations, and Arab class warfare.  And it seems that the author would agree, even if he does not say so explicitly.



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