The "to-do" list in Outlook

I have a "Draft" message in Outlook.  It has my daily tasks, my weekly and monthly tasks, my open projects, and my future projects.  The email is addressed to my manager, but I never send it.  

Every morning first thing, I "reply all" to the Draft, thus creating a new copy. 

Then I go down the list of "to do" and work on tasks and projects according to pre-set priorities.  I modify the list as necessary, noting status on my projects, and so on.  I save it back to Drafts.    

At the end of the day, I save the previous day's draft in a folder on my hard drive. (But I hardly ever look at the saved drafts.  Just nice to know I am keeping track.)  The current day's draft is saved in Outlook Drafts folder for use tomorrow.  

One of my daily tasks is to read my email and respond to them.  But this is one of the last daily tasks.  Just keeps it in perspective. 


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