It was news to me. Certain stock broker firms complained to the NYSE that they are delayed by MILLISECONDS in making their trades.
Apparently, stocks trading is very much in the computer age. These firms are making computer generated stock trades. They make zillions of trades each day, even each second. See:
My point is that this should be illegal. Such "trading" has absolutely no benefit to the economy. The only reason for this action is to suck money out of the stock market, and put it in the pockets of the traders.
Going back to basics, the stock market is a way for productive companies to raise capital, in order to manufacture products and provide services. Certain actions have been deemed to be detrimental to our economy, and have been outlawed, such as monopolies, "cornering the market", trading on inside information, ponzi schemes, and so on.
I say that this electronic trading should also be deemed to be detrimental to our economy, and made illegal. My solution would be to apply a five percent sales tax to every stock trade, and not taxed if the stock is owned for five years, pro-rated. If the stock is owned for one year, the sales tax is four percent, if owned for two years, the sales tax is three percent, and so on. This will bring the day traders and electronic generated traders to a screeching halt, and leave the value in the market for us long-term traders.


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