I just got out of prison.

 I just got out of prison. I was in prison to support the release of a new software package, to be used by the guards. I noticed that the prison system just tears down. In summary, a person adapts to his environment, and prison environment is mostly other prisoners. The guards have as little contact as possible, and anyway, the guards seem to be somewhat defective souls also. (No offence intended) In the ideal world, each offender would be put in an environment where he is surrounded with good people, who would guide the offender. We do just the opposite, we surround the prisoner with other prisoners. Bad. That is simply why recidivism is so high, everywhere. I was in a "pre-release" unit where the environment is like a boy scout camp. However, the prisoners only see other prisoners, mostly. My two days in prison were so depressing for this reason. Also, it reminded me of High School.


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