Western Run Park

I frequently take walks along the beautiful Western Run Park. Unfortunately, I need to walk on a sidewalk or in the street. There simply is no trail that leads through this park My suggestion is to beat a walk path through the park. Especially between the intersection with Western Run and Greenspring, down to Mount Washington, would be a really nice walk, and I wouldn't need to walk in the street. I would build a path on both sides of the stream, so walkers could walk down one side and up the other. I am willing to volunteer to be a part of a community effort to put in a path. what do you think?


Blogger BaruchAttta said...

Just an update—we’re exploring getting Student Conservation Association members to work this summer on a trail along the section you described…

Mary Hardcastle, Volunteer Coordinator/Park Programming
410.396.7020 ph | mary.hardcastle@baltimorecity.gov


5:26 PM, April 09, 2013  

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