Yes, Life Is Recursive.

Ok - a little research might help.  Scientists implant electrodes in brains of mice, then have them run the maze.  Sure enough, when running in a new maze, their little brains are wizzing away.  But in a familiar maze, their brains are mostly asleep, and they can run the maze without thinking, just by rote.  How much of our lives are done by rote!  How much more interesting it would be if we could WAKE UP and think?  Get our little brains a wizzing too!  Think!  Be aware.  Ask "why".  The little child asks "why" and asks again with each answer.  Maybe the child knows more how to live than we adults do.  Ask "why" to everything - that you hear, that you read, that you see.  What is my purpose in life?  My purpose is to ask "what is my purpose..."  Yes, it's recursive.  


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