"...Break up government monopolies..."

There is no proof to this.  It is simply a convenient assumption of yours for your agenda.  You bring no proof in your article, and there isn't any.  
I believe that Medicare, Medicaid, VA, and Public Schools are vital and should be supported as we do.  I believe that Obamacare is a mess.  It should have been a VA style medical system for ALL, combined with an optional private care insurance system.  I believe that free education should be supported through four years of college FOR ALL, with optional private college, in which no government guaranteed loans would be available for private college.  

"...Break up government monopolies, such as Medicare, the Veterans Administration, and, most important public school systems. Introducing competition into these areas of the economy is vital to improving them, because competition, and competition alone, produces hard work and innovation. Monopolies—private and governmental—are always fat, dumb, lazy, and devoted to maintaining the monopoly...."


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