Sarkozy urges Abbas to renew Mideast peace talks

Sarkozy urges Abbas to renew Mideast peace talks

Instead, he should be urging to compromize and resolve. Talks have been going on since day one. "Talks", to Arabs, mean "demands". It's where Arabs make their demands, between bombings.
The "suicide bomber" was perfected by the Pals, and then exported throughout the Arab and Muslim world. Thanks a lot, Pals. You deserve a Nobel Prize for this, to share with Obama.
The Pals would have a state already if that is what they really wanted. Just declare. Poof, it's a state. But they don't. Hey, Pals, here is how to make peace (pay attention) don't attack.
Don't bomb. Don't kill Jewish people. Instead of the "three No's, you should have the "Three Don'ts". But hey, like the scorpion, it's part of their nature.
That is why Israel is prepared for a thousand years of warfare. How long will it take until Arabs accept Israel? When that happens, there will be peace. Until then, Israel is prepared.


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