"fix" health care is to "tinker",

And anyway, the best and only way to "fix" health care is to "tinker",
that is to change a little at a time, and checking as you go to see if
what you did was good or bad with unintended consiquences.
Unfortunately, the Dems are pushing the 2000+ page bill through
without any agreement from the Repubs. Big Mistake.
What the Democrat bums are doing now is taking advantage to the
"landslide" that they enjoyed because of the WAR and the ECONOMY at
the time of the election. The Dems did not receive any mandate to f
with health care.
What will happen is that after the next election, the Repubs will
retract most of the Demo. health care bill. It is the same as the
"Catastrophic" Medicare bill of 1987-8 that was retracted the next


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