Fair Tax Girl

Dear Fair Tax Girl

Your so called "Fair Tax" is simply a complete reliance on a sales tax.  So what makes a sales tax so "fair"?

And it's unwise.  It is like investing your entire retirement savings in to financial stocks.  Not very smart.  We all know what happened to those stocks.  Don't put all your eggs....

I believe that a wiser course is as I describe in my post.  It is a three way tax plan - including a 5% sales tax, a 5% income tax and a 0.5% ownership tax, all with certain protections and allowances.  Think about it. 


On Sun, Nov 9, 2008  Elizabeth sent you a message.

Re: Taxez

"I personally am a fair tax girl.  I think your plan has some very great points but the fair tax is the ONLY plan that permanently by Constitutional amendment shuts down the IRS and Income tax.  The fair tax would bring in the same mount of money being brought in now but spread out to all who live in America not just those who work.  The fair tax ntaxes the poor and closes tax loopholes.  Check it out www.fairtax.org ; )"