Dear Tom and John

Because to win the war against radical Islam - and let me tell you, it is absolutely a war, whether liberals admit it or not - we need determined leaders like John McCain. 
In Service, 
Tom Cotton
United States Senator 
Dear Tom and John
Sorry, can't do that.  First, I am not in John's district.  But mostly, John has been so negative to the Donald.  Why is John so negative to the Donald?  I don't understand that.  
The Donald has at least one thing going for him.  He tells the truths, at least as he sees it.  
The Donald has said the only true statement in the whole campaign.  
"I could have gotten a better deal (with the Iranians)."  Absolutely.  And he says it from the heart.  And I believe him.  
So, Tom Cotton, I will not be donating to John McCain's campaign this year.