Fwd: Park Heights and Strathmore proposal

Hi Rikki
Please see the attached image.  This image is from a letter that we received from the Baltimore City Department of Transportation.  It is confusing.  Please make sure that the BICYCLE LANE is installed on all of Park Heights Ave as indicated in the photograph.  
We consider bike lanes in the city a civilized and modern improvement.  
I could write for hours on how much we would appreciate the bike lane, for safety and community.  And Park Heights is never so crowded or busy and that one single lane of through traffic should be sufficient.  
Thanks for your help !

Joseph Cotton
For Beth Abraham Synagogue

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From: Joseph B Cotton <cottonj@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 9:10 AM
Subject: Park Heights and Strathmore proposal
To: transportation@baltimorecity.gov
Cc: Kenneth Lasson, Seth Moshman 

Mr Zaied and Mr Brown

Thank you for the letter proposing a traffic calming project at Park Heights and Strathmore.  
But we are confused with the letter.

The photo indicates a situation with a SINGLE lane of traffic and A BICYCLE LANE.  Let me emphasize that WE ARE IN FAVOR OF THIS PROPOSAL.  We urge you to make a safe BICYCLE LANE along ALL of PARK HEIGHTS Avenue.  We are in favor of bicycle lanes for all major streets.  

However, the drawing included with the photo does not include the bicycle lane.  Is this an error?  

Please modify the drawing to include the bicycle lane.  

Joseph Cotton
for Beth Abraham Synagogue


Yes, Life Is Recursive.

Ok - a little research might help.  Scientists implant electrodes in brains of mice, then have them run the maze.  Sure enough, when running in a new maze, their little brains are wizzing away.  But in a familiar maze, their brains are mostly asleep, and they can run the maze without thinking, just by rote.  How much of our lives are done by rote!  How much more interesting it would be if we could WAKE UP and think?  Get our little brains a wizzing too!  Think!  Be aware.  Ask "why".  The little child asks "why" and asks again with each answer.  Maybe the child knows more how to live than we adults do.  Ask "why" to everything - that you hear, that you read, that you see.  What is my purpose in life?  My purpose is to ask "what is my purpose..."  Yes, it's recursive.