weaker country

Usually, when a weaker country negotiates with a stronger country after a war, the weaker country is more eager and motivated to resolve issues and come to a settlement. Because the weaker country is granted assurances and becomes immune from future military actions by the stronger country, by treaty. Borders are settled and the stronger country is bound not to cross them.

However, in negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, it is the PA which is refusing to negotiate. The PA is the weaker side, by far. Yet, they walk away from the table.

The PA stipulates that the reason is that Israel is building apartments, schools, roads and infrastructure on land that the PA claims as theirs.

They justify their claim by pointing out that these lands are over the former borders. But the borders were never recognized by ether side.
The lines were drawn in 1949 after Israel's war of independence, and
the lines are simply as much as the five Arab armies could take in that war. The 1949 armistice lines were never recognized by any party.

The obvious solution for the PA would be to come to an agreement with Israel, and finally set the border lines. Once the borders are set, then guarenteed Israel will not be building in the PA area. Somehow, this has been missed by the PA leadership.

And what a double standard is applied. The PA feels justified in firing missles at Israel, and sending suicide bombers to kill, in order to "liberate". But Israel is condemmed because they build roads, houses, schools and so on. Unbelieveable!


Regarding "Topic Israel" in Salon.com

Regarding "Topic Israel" in Salon.com:
I noticed that in the "Topic Israel" section, that there are seven
articles, and out of those seven, seven are either anti-Israel or
highly biased against Israel.
So much for any supposed editorial balance in Salon.com.


Davining in the dark

Davining in the dark
Praying but not seeing
Blind prayer to an unseen God
Who are You? Are You there?

Davining in the dark
Maariv at night in the room
Dark outside. Dark inside.
Away and alone
Don't light that candle
I want to be here - but why?
Wouldn't it be more fun to go to minyan?
See people. Talk. Laugh!

Still davining in the dark
Near the window. Facing East.
Watching the snowy cold moonlight.


Bicycle Racks

Please let me urge you to install BICYCLE RACKS in secure locations
around the Reisterstown Road Plaza. I work there everyday (north
tower) and I commute by bicycle, and there really is no secure place
to lock a bicycle. I urge you to contact Baltimore City regarding
this; the city government is in favor of making bicycle racks
available to the public.
Thank you and Sincerely,
Baruch Atta

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