Anthony Weiner and the National Adultery Ritual

I am dismayed with all these so-called "men" who snivel at being caught at something which comes natural and is a part of their sexuality.  If gays and lesbians can protest for their rights to be who they are, then certainly normal men can.  I would think.  
I say "grow a pair" and if you are caught, then admit and say "so what?"  It's consenting adults and all that.  
Cheating?  Who is cheating who? It is the men who hide their real sexuality in the closet who are being cheated.  
So why hide it in the closet?  Men should tell the world:  "this is my wife, this is my concubine, and this is my one night fling on a business trip".  Men, are you ashamed of what you really are?  
It is too bad that Congressman Weiner resigned.  I would have liked to see him stand his ground, like a man.  Wimp.  


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From Pop Sci magazine read through Google Books (copyrighted, presumably fair use - one page)

I often have this discussion with my wife.