Blogging is harder than it looks...

Blogging is harder than it looks. At least blogging well is harder than it looks. I am not talking about kids that type out their stream of consiousness. That type of blogging is, as it implies, just for kids. But I refer to blogging as journalism. To blog well is just as hard as, and in many ways, similar to writing a column for a newspaper or magazine. In essence, they are the same activitiy, with a different delivery system.
I bring this up because I have been carrying with me a list of issues that I wish to bring forth in my blog. But due to procrastination, time constraints, and other un-professional problems, the issues that I wish to discuss and that need to be discussed are left in my brain as good ideas only. Also, when the ideas pop up, the computer is far away; when I am at the computer, the ideas seem to dry up. And it doesn't require a computer to dry up my thought process; just picking up a pen does it for me also. That said, I will do my best to bring forth these ideas and thoughts, ideas that I think are worthwhile to write and worthwhile to read.
Subjects for future blog entries:
  • Palestinian lunacy - they are probably the stupidest people on the face of the plannet.
  • Israeli lunacy - why smart people do dumb things.
  • Nagia and Yichud - the source of these halachas and what it means for us.
  • Marriage today - is it just for kids? Find out why we get married and stay married.
  • Antisemitism in Sweeden - suprising that it exists, and what would you say to the Nobel committee about it.
  • Talking to a Palestinian - what would you say to them to put some sence in their heads.
These six subjects are a start. I want to make this blog an excellent source of thought and discussion on subjects of interest to Jews and everyone. I plan to keep the blog entries relatively short, so one can read it quickly and get the information that I intend. I understand that there are so many other blogs out there, and that this is just another one trying to get your attention. So this blog will endevor to be the best in terms of depth of thought and quality of writing - clear and concise. I will also check spelling and use sunscreen.


Not very active

As you, dear reader can see, we have not been very active in my blogging activities. There are certainly better and more prolificblogs out here in cyberspace.

It's a little demeaning. Blogging, or it's programming equivalent has been available to us since 1988, when we received our first email address, and subscribed to a few discussion groups. We did a google on our name, and sure enough, the original list is still available on line. Amazing. We have been fairly active online, until family tookhigher priority.

Our original blog was really just a standard web site, which we used our talents in html and cgi to produce the equivalent of a blog. Justthat we didn't call it that then.

We are dismayed that now just anyone can create a blog web site, even dorks with no appreciable programming skills or experience. We wouldprefer that technical issues be left to those with technical skills.