Mystery Deepens over Deadly Jerusalem Bus Bomb

Except for the fact that the West Bank GDP is growing at near double-digit rates and auto purchases are the highest in a decade, sure signs of Israel causing the Palestinians lives to be miserable.   
Of course, there are people who will rationalize the idea of knifing a baby and his siblings to death in their beds to as 'leigitimate armed resistance'  
These same people, who try to equate the decision by the Palestinians to launch rockets at Israeli civilians, with Israel's right to defend its citizens from such attacks, try to make the argument that Israelis "DESERVE" this violence by falsely claiming racism, in this case arguing that the Israeli government is an apartheid one.  
Which of course is a lie.  The reality is, Israel's government allows voting and participation by all ethnic groups, including Arabs, both Christian and Muslim.  Arabs are members of Israel's courts, it's parliment, in its diplomatic corps, and executive cabinet.  Israel's free-press, which includes Arab run news organizations provide for free speech.  Arabs, both Christian and Muslim serve side by side in Israel, whether it is in the hospitals, where Arab doctors treat Jewish patients, and Jewish doctors treat, not only Arab patients, but Palestinians from the territories and other Arab states as well.  But also in the IDF, they have the ability to serve, and do, under the same uniform and flag.   
In terms of skin color, which is what Apartheid is based on, Israel not only accepted thousands of Ethiopians as Jews, during the decades when they were persecuted by their Muslim neighbors, but continues to see a stream of refugees flee the violence in Sudan, travelling through Muslim and African Egypt, braving gunfire from Egyptian border guards to flee to this supposed 'Apartheid' state.  Someone must have forgotton to tell them about Israel's government.   
When the so-called Humanitarians are screaming about the Palestinians, they should remember that these are the same people who handed out candy in celebration of the baby-killings of the Fogel family but two weeks ago. 

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Robert Blumenblatt replied: "Five Killed in West Bank Attack"

"Five Killed in West Bank Attack"


I consider this a sample of what Muslims, Arabs, Palestinians want to do to Jews in and around Israel. Have you been paying attention to the recent fate of Coptic Christians in Egypt?

World War II was the product of the center of European civilization, the center of the productive culture scientifically and artistically . And the Holocaust, in which 6,000,000 Jews were exterminated. Yet you expect the Jews in Israel to trust the Sharia racist-like culture of Palestinian Muslims and accept the "liberal" terms of the Palestinian cause?

AIPAC is a legal United States lobbying group. Its job is to promote the views and interests of Israel. And if you want to change those views, I suggest you convert to Judaism, under Orthodox terms, move to Israel, and participate in its politics, including Voting there. How dare you second-guess the well-being of Israeli Jews?

What is your problem? There are 22 Arab states. Do you see any of them opening their doors to Jews or Israelis or Palestinians? How come they are so backward politically? Do you blame that on the Americans too?

There was once a strong Liberal and Leftist movement in Israel. But Israel learned its lessons since as to what the Muslim Arab Palestinians want - the end of Israel. All the moves Israel made since the peace with Egypt show that the aim of Muslims is to annihilate Israel. And now, Egypt's Mubarak fell while Jordan's king is under pressure. It may very well be that both will turn on Israel - just as the Turkish demagogue, PM Erdogan has: as he said to Nobel Laureate President Perez of Israel: "You know how to kill people." Perez should have said, "No, we didn't follow your example of the Armenian Genocide, we didn't even simply expel ALL the Palestinians into the surrounding Arab countries. 

I suggest you first solve the problems of national-states elsewhere, particularly among the countries with a Muslim majority, and then come back to the issue of Israel.

Look at India and Pakistan, one is Hindu mostly, the other Muslim. They got rid of their dictator - now Sharia law rules and infidels are being executed. And you know, the millions of non-Muslim citizens there must wear a special red head covering to indicate their submission to Islam. What your take on that?

I really would like to understand people like you who have an apparently weird preoccupation with the political virtues of Israel - but it's still primarily a mystery.

In the culture of Islam, Honor and Humiliation plays a major role. And to have Jews, with a state of their own, living in the "third holiest place in Islam" is an insult that can only be solved through a Jihad and Martyrdom. Since the Wall that Israel built, and its most recent wars against Lebanon and Gaza, Palestinians were unable to execute their cause of annihilating Israel through violence. So the effectively created their own International "AIPAC." Of which you seem to be one of its too many informal members. The aim is to de-legitimize Israel. Here it is the Muslims who lobby and control the UN far more effectively than AIPAC influences the US.

The PLO and Fatah are relatively weak - supported by the West in opposition to Hamas which demonstrates what Islamic culture really wants. Read about the rejoicing in Gaza over the murder of the above five Jews. Also, pay attention to the Bedouins in Sinai and how they are raping and ransoming Eritreans who want to go to Israel to work.

If the Arabs where wise politically they would take over Israel the way the Mexicans have in the USA since WWII, and the way the 4 million Muslim Turks have in Germany.

At least I know why the 14 out 15 Security Council members voted to condemn Israel - self-interest, wanting Muslim Oil, and no more Muslim refugees. But why are you an advocate of the Palestinian destroy-Israel position, is beyond me. What do you expect that Israel do on the thorny Palestinian refugee issue - flood Israel with reactionary Muslims and turn Israelis Jews into a minority once more/ Don't you understand the Pogroms and Holocaust of Europe, in the centers of the Modern Civilized World? I suspect that you really want to annihilate Jews. But why/ At least a Palestinian has his self-interest. But your name suggests your Christian. So what's your personal reason for hating the Jews in Israel?