18 game season - make it 36 weeks!

The NFL wants an 18 game season.  But, it's a very valid issue today about injuries. The play today is rougher, the men larger, the game more physical.
Therefore here is a deal.
1. There will be 18 games per season.
2. However, there will be a by week between each game. Each team will play every other week instead of every week. Players will have two weeks to rest and recover.
3. There will be two leagues, the red league and the blue league. Red will play week A, blue will play week B, and so on. Every 6 games, the red and blue will be redistributed, so each team will play each other team.
4. So the season will last 36 weeks.
5. So there will be a Monday night, Thursday night, Sunday night game for 36 weeks, not just 18. Win win for the owners and TV. Weekend games for 36 weeks too. Win win for the owners and TV. Fans get to see much more football over a longer season.
6. I love it!

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