Is it just me? Or are women afraid of everyone?

Is it just me? Or are women afraid of everyone?

I was standing outside of an x-ray/imaging clinic, waiting for my wife to get her MRI.

First observation: 95% of the workers and patients entering were FEMALE.
Second observation: no one would look at me. I was just sitting on the bench, looking as harmless as I could. I said good morning to a few, and got a grudging reply.

What is it?

The morning was delightful, a nice sunny day, cool but not cold. The location was a suburban large town, Columbia, Maryland. There were a few cars in the parking lot, but many spaces left.
I felt insulted and denigrated. What, am I invisible? No that was not it, because I often got the dreaded "look away". That is when a guy is walking down the sidewalk, and passes a woman, and she intentionally looks away from him, to whatever is the other direction.

Can someone tell me what is happening here?


Monster.com only 1% of hires

Last year, almost a billion dollars was sucked up by just one online "job board," Monster.com, which was reported as the "source of hires" only 1.3% of the time by employers surveyed.