My opinion is that NINETY PERCENT OF HUMAN SUFFERING IS CAUSED BY MEN WITH GUNS. By "guns" I mean any weapons. But these men justify invasion, robbery, rape, and so on. Stop the violence and struggle, and much of the world's problems are resolved. Hitler viewed war as normal. ISIS views their battles as justified. Hamas and Hesbolah too. This is the world view that men may unite and invade others, beheading, burning, raping and expelling at will. There are 200,000 dead in Syria, and four million in exile. This is the REAL PROBLEM.  
"... a goal to "end poverty in all its forms everywhere," they cover gender equality, food security, peace, health, clean water and sanitation..." are laudable, but all for naught, when men with guns look to get their way.


brand loyalty

My father always complained that when I left a light on "do you have stock in the Electric Company?"  Which is the same as the trend that people who participate in surveys for a brand have better loyalty in that brand.  
My "research" then points to a new "fact".  If people DO OWN STOCK in a brand, then their brand loyalty is almost assured.  
The conclusion is simply that the best advertising for a brand is TO SELL STOCK in the company to all the consumers.  Here is a great suggestion:  Instead of coupons, or airline miles, or other offers, a brand should offer STOCK in the company for brand loyalty.  Wow. What a concept.  You heard it here first, folks.  I own stock in Ford, so of course I own one.  Or two.