Universal University ("UU")

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Hi Mr. O'Malley

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Good idea, making college more affordable.


But how about making it FREE?


No excuses.


I would pay for Universal University ("UU") with a one tenth of one percent tax of every stock market transaction, and a one tenth of one percent tax of stock and real estate ownership. These are new taxes, but justified, and would affect only the top half of the economy, and affect mostly just the one percenters.


Thanks for thinking of me.


Joe Cotton




On Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 9:34 AM, Martin O'Malley <info@martinomalley.com> wrote:



Sounds like a pipe dream? It shouldn't be.

When my dad returned home from flying a B-24 Liberator in WWII, the GI bill was what enabled him to go to school, open a law practice, and support a family.

Today, our kids aren’t getting the same bargain that my dad did.

The majority of students are graduating with significant debt. This is debt big enough for the down payment on a new house. And instead of buying a house or starting a business, recent graduates are struggling not to default on their student loans.

It's outrageous that we can figure out a way to bail out big banks, but we can't figure out a way to make college affordable.

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